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What is the 'Verse?

'Verse is a multiverse in which Zephyr83's stories, dreams, and imaginations are chronicled.

Zephyr83 originally wrote a small story in fifth grade about a boy journeying into his magical locker. This story would be expanded into the Secret Lockers Society universe.

In middle school, he started expanding that universe into a new universe called Secret Leagues. Secret Leagues is a universe where heroes, villains, secret organizations.

During his free time in high school, he began to write a fictional religion-centrist universe of Hell High. The main protagonist of Hell High is a teenage exchange student from Great Britain as he navigates through what he thinks an ordinary life as a high schooler in America.

After Zephyr83 graduated high school, he began to dream up multiple branches of universes in which multiverses, Underground, Eternity, Zero Gravity is born.

Blackwood Universe is the current (2014 - 2019) iteration of 'Verse Multiverse.

Multiverses' Greek Letters Explained:

Each individual continuum (unique universe) within the 'Verse multiverse are designated by two or more greek letters. The first letter is the primary universe in which all preceding letters were derived from. i.e. the Greek letter alpha, in this case, denoted the alpha universe (our own reality) and all universes within 'Verse diverged from our reality soon after the Big Bang occurred. Then, the second letter (at present all of the preceding universes were diverges from the Eternity universe (associated with the Greek letter Epsilon (Ε)). And so, The universe of Eternity is designated "Alpha.Epsilon.Alpha", (αΕα) or Alpha/Epsilon/Prime.

Each of current universes within the 'Verse multiverse is not listed chronological but rather in list of discovery of these unique universes by Olivia Hruška and her A.I. (Akyra). Olivia listed the universes as thus:

  • α (The Alpha Universe. (Our reality)). Akyra states that 'Verse multiverse are designed not to influence (our reality) directly but instead skewed from any specific points of time in the alpha universe.
  • αΕ (The first discovery of a major divergence point from the alpha universe. The prime and unique continuum in which all current 'Verse universes derives from. To Akyra, the divergence of Eternity (αΕ) occurred right at the beginning of time (The Big Bang).
  • αΕα (alpha.epsilon.alpha): The primary continuum of Eternity (alternative to αΕ designation).
  • αΕβ (alpha.epsilon.beta): The Blackwood Universe. Originally called Eternity:Beta universe before Olivia officially named it Blackwood Universe. It was due to the fact that Blackwood lineage was unique to the development of the civilization of humanity that occurs in this continuum.
  • αΕΛ (alpha.epsilon.lambda): The Zero Gravity Universe. This is a mirror universe in which Blackwood lineage never had an impact on the development of Human civilization during the modern age.
  • αΕΔ ( The Secret Leagues Universe. This universe is distinct from the others above this list by the prevalence of super-human evolution of Human-kind on Earth. This was due to the minor but significant modification to the Annunaki species in Earth's prehistory. Annunaki species' abilities had been extended (or "gifted") to Human's genetic makeup during the early development of Homo Sapient species. Humans then began to develop super-human powers.
  • αΕΔΠ ( The Secret Lockers Society Universe. A divergence of the prime universe of αΕΔ occurred during the modern times in which Human psychics (telepathic) were being hunted by a mysterious force.
  • αΕΔΞ ( The Hell High Universe. Another divergence that occurred during the dark ages in which Abrahamic Av'ee had unwittingly unleashed evil forces that pervaded Human-kind on Earth. This is the only universe in which Abrahamic Av'ee (angels and archangels) and Children of the Lightbringers' Av'ee (Lightbringer) had aligned together to combat the evil forces.
  • αΕΔΓ ( The universe of Secret Leagues: Underground. The descendants of Annunaki (super-human Humans) were being hunted by an alien species. These descendants go into hiding and avoid influencing the progression of Human-kind civilization on Earth.
  • αΕΔΩ ( The universe of Secret Leagues: Armageddon. The descendants of Annunaki, alongside with the rest of Human-kind fight against a dark eldritch force (the same force that orchestrated dark threats to humanity in previous universes). SPOILER: This universe serves as a stopgap to the eldritch's influences on humanity (only on Earth). This also means the universes (Secret Leagues, Secret Lockers Society, Hell High, Underground, and Armageddon cease to exist at the end.
  • αΩ ( Not much is known about this universe. Akyra had only found clues hidden in the multiverse about this specific continuum of reality. Akyra had theorized that it was the reality in which everything was being devoured by the force named nihil. She also thinks that Nihil is attempting to access or reach across all universes in 'Verse multiverse.

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